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Welcome to Casa Miglis / Bienvenido a Casa Miglis

Awarded Best Paladar in Centro Habana by www.cubaabsolutely.com

Chef's Recommendations

Black & white

Two filets, one of beef and another of pork. Ser...

Filét Oscar

Pork filé with herb fried potatoes ser ved...

Dream of the sea

Fresh avocado with shrimp sauce made of, creme,...

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri 12.00-01.00
Sat-Sun 12.00-01.00

Customer Testimonials

“Modern, smart and tasty!”

A recently opened crossover restaurant – Cuban and Swedish? Sounds intriguing, huh?! Michel, who was brought up in Sweden, runs the place with family and staff. Everyone’s friendly and helpful with advice and ideas as to what to eat and drink, where to go etc. The staff are mostly students trying to earn a bit extra to supplement their studies – and it tells: they’re attentive and careful, and the place is clean and tastefully (and quirkily!) furnished. Even the loo!

Maybe the ‘Swedish’ dishes aren’t quite what Swedes would expect – but come off it! This is a crossover restaurant! The whole place is fun and the prices won’t ruin you, either!


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