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Pizza with casa miglis tomato sauce, serrano ham, mozarella, parmesan cheeze, fresh basilica, topped with home made pesto.

Miglis comment: “-Im quite sure this is the most expensive pizza in Cuba but it includes everythng I believe a pizza should have to be named the finest pizza in Cuba.

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Tropical ceviche

Ceviche made from Peto mixed with fresh fruit salad made from avocado, pineapple, tomatoes, coriander, chili oil, onion and lime. Served with home baked bread.

Miglis comment: “-The Casa Miglis tropical ceviche is as spicy as it should be and balanced with cuban fruits.

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Filét Oscar

Pork filé with herb fried potatoes ser ved with home made beanies sauce, chopped shrimps and balsamic cream.


Miglis comment: “-As this classical Swedish dish is named after a king you enjoy this plate as a royalty.


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Dream of the sea

Fresh avocado with shrimp sauce made of, creme, lemon, onion and spicy herbs.

Miglis comment: “-The Cuban avocado is impressing as it is when it shows up at its season. When our kitchen adds it up with their delicious sauce designed for the tropical summer, no one can regret it.


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White fish a la Parmiggiano

Cuban fish “Pez perro” gratinated with parmesan, white wine, butter and fresh herbs. Served with boiled potatoes.

Pez Perro a la Parmeggiana
Pez perro gratinado con parmesano, vino blanco, mantequilla y hierbas frescas se sirve con patatas cocidas.

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Mexican styled beef Chili cooked with beer, lime and freshly grounded coriander. Served with fried rice and freshly baked bread. Topped off with our special yoghurt sauce.

Miglis comment: “My best friend Jonas made this on my 40th birthday. Since then I always nag on him to cook it for me. So he taught my chefs how to make it, now I can eat it whenever i want to. Don´t try this at home, we cook it for 5 hours!”

Cazuela de ternera con cerveza, limón, cilantro, y por encima salsa de yogurt y yerba buena
Comentario de Miglis:”Mi mejor amigo Junas hizo ese plato en mis 40 cumpleaños. Desde entonces siempre lo estoy molestando para que me lo cocine, entonces enseño a mis cocineros como hacerlo y ahora lo puedo comer cuando quiera. No pruebes hacerlo en casa lo cocinamos unas 5 horas!”

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Greek style pork barbecue made from suckling pig with two different sauces: Tzatziki and the famous Casa Miglis Spicy Tomato Sauce. The dish is accomplished by garlic and herb roasted potatoes.
Miglis comment: “-A salute to my Greek father and my other home island: Rhodes.”

Barbacoa de cerdo griego con tres diferentes salsas (Tzatziki, Casa Miglis Salsa de tomate Picante), se sirve con patatas doradas, ajo y perejil.
Comentario de Miglis:”Un saludo a mi padre griego y mi 2da isla Rodos. el Guacamole definitivamente no es griego pero demasiado sabroso para ser excluido”

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Spring Capresi

Home baked bread from the contry side with tomato, onion, basilica, oregano, black pepper and olive oil.
Miglis comment: “I approved this starter for the vegetarians”.

Capresi de la Primavera

Pan de campo con tomate, cebolla, albahaca, oregano, aceite de oliva, cebollino, pimienta negra.
Miglis comment: ”Este entrante yo lo aprobe como un entrante para los vegetarianos”.